About the Company

Our History

Circal Engineering Inc. is a design engineering firm, providing core expertise in electronic product design and development. Our scope of services includes product design and development from concept through to product delivery, primarily in high-end audio electronics, DSP, and embedded firmware development.

We provide customized electronic design, often based on one of our technology platforms. Current platforms include USB headphone amplifier, USB audio engine, audio rendering, high quality Wi-Fi audio rendering, and single chip Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio de-compression.

Circal Engineering is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have over 60 years of combined experience in Consumer Electronics design, development, and manufacturing engineering. We are a small team that gets results quickly.

Management Team

Alan Clark, BSc (Hons), MAES, MIEEE

Alan has gained over 20 years experience working in principal engineering and management roles at high-end audio companies B&W Group (as B&W Group CTO and Classe Audio VP, R&D) and Linn Products. He led and was chief designer on many landmark projects including B&W’s Zeppelin, Classe Audio’s Delta Series of products and Linn’s Sondek CD12.

Alan started his electronics career as an Electronics Design Engineer with UK defence company Marconi Instruments.

Matt Budd, P. Eng

Matt has over 15 years experience as a firmware and software engineer. Prior to working at Circal developing first class audio products, Matt was the lead firmware engineer at Cleankeys, a company specializing in infection control hardware.

Matt has expertise in many languages including C, C++, assembly, C#, Objective-C, Java, XML / XSLT, and VHDL.

Tom Overgaard, P. Eng, MBA

Tom spent over 20 years with Nortel managing several high-volume Production Engineering projects both as designer and manager. Highlights include improving and expanding the automated assembly production systems within the Norstar plant to achieve world-class performance levels. He also has extensive experience managing cross-functional development teams from initial product concept to production.

At Cleankeys, Tom set up a high-volume supply chain allowing the manufacture of infection control keyboards.

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